Monthly Archives: January 2016

Kitchen floors

So I’m obsessed with the flooring in this house but definitely the most important right now are the kitchen floors. According to the contractor and the flooring person, I was very unconventional in my choice of flooring for the kitchen with the wood. But since we wanted the open concept look we really wanted the space to feel like one and not 2 separate rooms. Also I was told we chose a very non traditional stain for the floors but I absolutely love them. The contractor actually had chosen a much lighter stain but we have to have him redo the floors to get the color we were looking. 

here are the new floors unfinished in the kitchen

shined up and ready to be stained

this was rhe first stain that was far too light for our taste so we had him change the color
here are the nice deep rich floors that we were looking for!!

It’s been too long

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile the holidays were a busy time and the days just got away from me. But I do want to share some exciting things that are happening at the house!!!!  

i love this black tile that we chose for the bathrooms.
both bathrooms have the black and white theme with the floor and wall tiles.
the framing of the windows make them look larger!!