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Kitchen floors

So I’m obsessed with the flooring in this house but definitely the most important right now are the kitchen floors. According to the contractor and the flooring person, I was very unconventional in my choice of flooring for the kitchen with the wood. But since we wanted the open concept look we really wanted the space to feel like one and not 2 separate rooms. Also I was told we chose a very non traditional stain for the floors but I absolutely love them. The contractor actually had chosen a much lighter stain but we have to have him redo the floors to get the color we were looking. 

here are the new floors unfinished in the kitchen

shined up and ready to be stained

this was rhe first stain that was far too light for our taste so we had him change the color
here are the nice deep rich floors that we were looking for!!


It’s been too long

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile the holidays were a busy time and the days just got away from me. But I do want to share some exciting things that are happening at the house!!!!  

i love this black tile that we chose for the bathrooms.
both bathrooms have the black and white theme with the floor and wall tiles.
the framing of the windows make them look larger!!

Lots of progress

So it’s been awhile since I have given an update and a lot has been going on!!! Drywall is up, counters and cabinets have been measured and ordered, and flooring is curing at the house ready to be installed! Move in day is quickly approaching but this whole project is coming together nicely. Just want to share a few photos with you!! 

This is the pocket door for the upstairs bathroom
We chose a pocket door to maximize the space in the bathroom
Drywall is up now we are ready for paint and cabinets
View from the living room into the kitchen


Good morning! 

Took a ride by the house early this morning. Nothing going on today construction wise just because it’s Sunday but I couldn’t help enjoying some time out on our property!! I wanted to share some pics of our gorgeous sunroom that I can wait to fill with colorful blossoms come springtime!!!  

Here is a side view from the porch
I love the cranks! cannot wait to open them and smell the fresh air!
Hand cranks to open the little windows
Front view now that the tree has been trimmed back

The detached garage

Of course since I was off from work today we took a trip over to the house to check on the progress. Although no work has been done on the garage I wanted to share some photos of the garage for the “before” and soon I’ll have some “after” to show!!  

We haven’t 100% decided on the use of this garage since it has so much potential. But once this gets some TLC I’m sure we will be able to find a use for it 

A view from the front. Waiting on new doors to come in.
We believe the previous owner was a mechanic and ran his business out of this garage.
Just more of the interior.
Something cool I think we will clean up and just keep for looks.
Here was a sliding window that connects to a small room in the back.
Back room
Back room

Open concept come true

So a few days I got a photo that made me fall in love with this house all over again!!!

Back Story::

This house was built in the 1930s. The room that was being used as the kitchen was actually an addition that was added later on. So the wall that was in between the kitchen and the living room was actually the back of the home and had a rear window as well. The dilemma was how to structurally remove this wall without jeopardizing the integrity of the rest of the house. 

Well I finally got the photo that gave me the open concept kitchen, living, dining space that we were hoping for.


This is the before with the wall in between the kitchen and living room. closed in and stuffy.
During the demo. see the cutout for the old window??
this is the view from inside the kitchen towards the living room. the old rear of the home.
open concept dreams do come true!! so open and beautiful

Went by the house today

So of course I had to go by the house today I haven’t been in 2 days. lol. Anyway it is looking phenomenal!!! The dumpster is back and filled to the max and the upstairs rooms are completely gutted!!!! I cannot wait to see what happens next week!  

you can see where the cruddy carpet used to be!
these floors will be refinished soon!
Wayne’s playroom is gutted
yes we have a chimney in our upstairs bathroom
Upstairs bathroom starting to come together

view from the back of the property line to the front of the house

Photos of the outside

I just wanted to share pics of the outside space as well 

A little tool shed we will try to restore and relocate to the other side lf the yard
fencing that has already been torn down
back stairwell to detached garage. this will be rebuilt soon!
random brush
front of detached garage. new doors coming soon!!
more fencing and brush that has been cleared out
back of the garage after some brush cleared

opening up more to the back now

Let me catch you up!!

So it’s been a little over a month since we closed on our amazing fixer upper in the heart of historical Aberdeen gardens. After weeks of looking online and viewing homes we found this home online and requested our realtor set up a viewing, after seeing the home and lot size we fell in love with the potential of this house and put it at the top of our list of potential homes. After looking at several other properties we determined that this house was the one for us. The type of loan that we decided to chose meant we needed a Class A contractor to take on the task of repairing and rebuilding the home to make it functional and inhabitable for our family. We came to this house so many times with different contractors and explained to them our vision for the home and asked for quotes to make our dreams come true. Time and time again we were met with ridiculously inflated costs and unrealistic budgets. Frustrated and eager to get the ball rolling on the property we even paid a deposit to a contractor to come and look at the home. After explaining to him that we were constrained to the financial budget provided by loan amount and nothing more and expressing to him what our maximum budget was (we gave him a ballpark and not an exact amount) he gave us an estimate for double the amount that we talked about. So basically we paid you to tell us that our budget is not enough? Thanks for nothing mr. To add another hitch in our plans we find out that someone is trying to offer a lower all cash offer on the home with no inspection. We suspect one of the contractors we brought out recognized what a good deal this home was and how much potential it has and they tried to undercut us. So just like that the home slips from our grasp and we begin to browse the online sites again in the hopes that we can find another home just like it. A few days later a call from the real estate agent puts the wind back in our sails and we are in contention for the home. The cash offer had fallen through and it looked like we were finally home free! At the same time while talking to one of his customers at work my boyfriend found out that he worked for a Class A contractor that does fixer-uppers all the time! How fortunate for us huh? So in a few days we were able to get him to come look at the home and give us a quote. As he walked through the home he was very positive about the potential we saw in the home he even dialed up one of his associates and asked for an estimate to remove the asbestos on the home. Like super awesome right?! Once he gave us the quote we knew we needed to seal the deal on this house and get this work started as soon as possible. There was some back and forth with the bank and the real estate agent and the inspector but after 2 extensions and a title issue we finally had the green light to close on our home!! So after the signing of what seemed like 1,000 pages of legal documents to secure the loan and ownership of the house we were ready for construction to begin. 2 days later there was a dumpster in our backyard and walls were coming down and floors were being pulled up!. Since the home was a foreclosure and basically abandoned for an extended period there was little to demo in the kitchen besides some leftover cabinets. The wall between the kitchen and living room was torn down to create an open concept living and kitchen space. I was so anxious about everything going on I went past the house everyday to check on the progress, except the days that I was forbidden to come due to asbestos abatement and the danger of being in the home during that time. After a short interruption in work to secure some more permits we are back in the swing of things and new things are going on daily. All of the dingy old carpet has been ripped out. Both bathrooms were gutted and the upstairs one now has a plywood floor. Yay. Our new master closet has been roughed in. Can I mention our closet is framed in exposed brick! I’m so in love! I met with the HVAC installers and decided on placement of the mini-split units we ordered for upstairs and was able to get a sneak peek of the outside unit that would run those mini-split systems. I also met with the cabinet maker and designed our cabinet and island! I cannot wait to see how it all comes out! In addition to buying this house which comes with and attached garage it also has a detached garage as well. Score! And it backs up to a big lot space and trees. The back area is being turned into a garden that I am so excited to start!!! While rummaging through the upstairs loft space above the garage we found some items that we are actually gonna keep and refinish and put back into the the home and I cannot wait to post those upcoming projects. Also let me just say Mason Jars!!! Score 1 for me on this amazing find.Did I forget to mention the awesome sunroom off the front porch? I cannot wait to sit out there and enjoy that space!! Sorry this post was so long but I wanted to make sure I posted as much information as I could so you guys could follow along on this exciting amazing journey!! 
Thanks for reading, hope you come back as I’ll be posting more frequent updates as everything happens!


The front of our home before the remodel
Inside of the living area and the stairs.
The kitchen and that awful floor, lol


Upstairs bathroom
Downstairs bathroom
Old den that we will convert to our Master Bedroom