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Lots of progress

So it’s been awhile since I have given an update and a lot has been going on!!! Drywall is up, counters and cabinets have been measured and ordered, and flooring is curing at the house ready to be installed! Move in day is quickly approaching but this whole project is coming together nicely. Just want to share a few photos with you!! 

This is the pocket door for the upstairs bathroom
We chose a pocket door to maximize the space in the bathroom
Drywall is up now we are ready for paint and cabinets
View from the living room into the kitchen

Treasure Chest

I think we knew from the moment that we stepped inside our house that this was “our home” and everyday we keep finding new and exciting things that make us fall in love with this house over and over again. 

So on a recent trip to the house I stumbled across a sewing machine that I was hoping the workers had found in the house so that I could keep it!!

Finally after a few days it made its way over to our townhouse so I can keep it safe until we move in. 

I am so excited about this!!
I did a small amount of research that suggests it was a Singer sewing machine manufactured sometime around 1910-1912 with about 40,000-50,000 units being made. 
Apparently it is supposed to be mounted into a table or box of some sorts. But that is just gauging from a picture I took off google images  

A image of what this machine might have looked like
I am really stoked that it seems to be 100% intact and functional, minus the box, and it even had a needle still loaded in it!!!
This one is gonna need some TLC but I don’t know if I should try to have someone restore it, just clean it up and gloss it with all the character it has now, or give it a whole new makeover and bring it into 2016 the right way!!!! 


it weighs alot


Here is a side view. I love the detail 👍🏽💕
another angle 😻


Good morning! 

Took a ride by the house early this morning. Nothing going on today construction wise just because it’s Sunday but I couldn’t help enjoying some time out on our property!! I wanted to share some pics of our gorgeous sunroom that I can wait to fill with colorful blossoms come springtime!!!  

Here is a side view from the porch
I love the cranks! cannot wait to open them and smell the fresh air!
Hand cranks to open the little windows
Front view now that the tree has been trimmed back

Went by the house today

So of course I had to go by the house today I haven’t been in 2 days. lol. Anyway it is looking phenomenal!!! The dumpster is back and filled to the max and the upstairs rooms are completely gutted!!!! I cannot wait to see what happens next week!  

you can see where the cruddy carpet used to be!
these floors will be refinished soon!
Wayne’s playroom is gutted
yes we have a chimney in our upstairs bathroom
Upstairs bathroom starting to come together

view from the back of the property line to the front of the house